Maintenance Dates

Steele Canyon Golf Club strives to provide one of the best conditioned golf facilities in Southern California.    Since Steele Canyon Golf Club is a 27-hole facility, we offer 18-holes of wonderful golf year round even during our annual maintenance time frames.  

Spring Aerification
                Vineyard closed Feb 21 (Tue) – Mar 3
                Ranch closed Mar 6 – 17
                Canyon closed Mar 21 – 31
Summer Verticut
                Vineyard closed June 13 (Tue) – June 16
                Ranch closed June 20 (Tue) – June 23
                Canyon closed June 27 (Tue) – June 30
Fall Overseeding
                Vineyard closed Sep 21 (Thur) – Sep 29
                Ranch closed Oct 2 – Oct 13
                Canyon closed Oct 17 – Oct 27

Steele Canyon Golf Club has Bermuda grass fairways and during the Winter months, November, December, January, February and the first part of March, Bermuda grass goes into its natural dormant state.